Thursday, 20 October 2016

The Volcano

WALT - Describe a setting using interesting language features

The Volcano by Kalani

Earth whimpered as the beastly dragon furiously awoke from years of concealing himself. “Crrr,crrr” roared the giant. Streams of burning red hot lava shot up in seconds, making blankets of heavy smoke clouds take over the night sky. Fiery thick coats of lava and ashes rapidly rushed down to the mountainside, making a path looking flow. As well as making destruction to the forest, his fiery rage caused chaos and frightened many.

Sudden lightning strikes struck, and patches of lava got scattered across the land. More loads of lava got tipped and slid down the mountainside, as if it was a recycling truck tipping rubbish into the back. Burnt tree leaves were broken and spread into a million tiny pieces on the ground. Rocks shot out at an amazing speed as they unexpectedly chased one another, and face planted far off into a distance. Finally the beast calmed down and hid again, and patiently waited for his next unwary volunteer.

The Volcano by Joshua L

The fiery beast awoke from its hibernation and shook the earth, as it tried to clear its head. Sizzling hot fire and lava burst through his back. The snow covering the beast vaporised. Thick streams of lava ran down his hard rocky back and burnt everything. Smoke billowed out like a blanket and darkened the sky.

Lightning crackled and thunder roared. The beast growled deeply, sending shock waves all over the land. Burning boulders rained down from the sky, illuminating the air. The once tranquil land, now destroyed by this terrifying beast.

The Volcano by Logan

The dragon awoke from his years of silent slumber and he starts to shake the earth.  Until the volcano had been dormant for many years. The volcano starts to erupt and then starts to devour everything in its way. Fire and lava all over the the mountain and villages and burning into flames. Then starts to burn all the house into ash and destroying everything in its path. The lava is also melting all the stone at the tip the mountain.Then lightning started to come and mack even more nose. Every ten seconds the lightning went off and went “bang, bang, boom !!!” like a huge firework display.


  1. Well done Room 3. You used outstanding descriptive language. Keep up the great work:)

  2. Wow! Amazing stories! I like the adjectives you used. I also liked how you used some similes. Great work!