Sunday, 4 December 2016

It's Snowing Again!

The Avengers compared the weather in North Dakota and Auckland after reading "It's Snowing Again" by Jan Pye Marry.

How would you like to have snow around your house for almost half the year? This happens in North Dakota in the USA. The snow usually falls in October and doesn’t melt until April. In Auckland we never get snow, however there are some similarities between North Dakota and Auckland.

Clothing - Samarah
Both Auckland and North Dakota’s residents wear clothing to match the conditions outside but we don’t necessarily wear the same things. In Auckland for Winter we wear Jumpers, trousers, closed shoes, socks and a beanie/hat. All the way in North Dakota they have to wear bulky boots, mittens/gloves, scarves, snow pants, jackets, hats with ear flaps and a fur lining to stop their face from getting frostbitten. The weather in Auckland is very easy to adapt to but on the other hand in North Dakota they have to be very organised and plan carefully for the weather.

Playing Outside - Joshua L
In North Dakota, once children are dressed, they go out to play. Since the snow covers most of the ground, the children hop on sleds and have sled races. The snow is too hard to be used for snow balls and can’t be used for snowmen either. Building snow forts is also a popular thing to do. You dig a hole in the ground, then pile the snow up into walls. However, in Auckland, snow does not fall often, thus no snow activities are played outside. Instead, we play variety of different sports such as cricket, soccer and netball. We also play on playgrounds and in parks.

Heating Homes - Michael
The homes found in Auckland and North Dakota are heated during the colder months, but they’re heated differently. In North Dakota they have central heating. Central heating means that warm air or water is sent through pipes or vents to warm the whole building so everyone inside doesn't freeze. In Auckland we have heat pumps, fires and insulation to keep our homes at the right temperature.

Travelling - Kristy
In both Auckland and North Dakota it can be very hard to travel when the weather is not too good. In North Dakota when it snows people have to shovel snow off driveways and paths. People have to sometimes drive on slippery ice. If there is too much snow on the side of the road huge trucks get filled with the snow and taken away. On the other hand in Auckland weather can also make it very hard to drive. When it rains heavily the water makes everything blurry so you can’t see much. Heavy rain also causes more people to be on the road which causes traffic jams.

Overall we believe that life in Auckland is much easier compared to the harsh, wintry conditions of North Dakota. We are able to easily dress for the weather, go outside to play, heat our homes in a variety of different ways and travel to work, school or other places without too much hassle.

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  1. Amazing work Avengers! My favourite part about this 'Compare and Contrast' of yours it that the opening sentences can hook viewers in easily. I also like how some of you guys started comparing in the start as well.
    Ka Rawe! :)