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Ancient Olympics Vs Modern Olympics

The X-Men read about the Olympics Past and Present - They then compared the two eras of games

The 5th of August is the start of the Rio Olympics 2016. Over 200 countries will be competing in 28 different sports such as swimming, long jump, shot put and the decathlon. The summer games are one of three different Olympics with the Winter games and the Paralympics. The history of the Olympic games can be traced back to 776 BC in ancient Greece. The games have changed dramatically throughout the years to become the games we know today.

Held Every Four Years - Dev and Krish
The Ancient Olympics was held in Olympia, Greece every four years. The modern games are also held every four years in a different city chosen by the IOC (International Olympic Committee). This year in 2016 the Olympics are being held in Rio, Brazil. In 2012 the Olympics was held in London, England.
Number of Events - Kalani
Back in the Ancient Olympics, competitors were only allowed to compete in ten events. These sports consisted of running, wrestling, long jump, discus, and javelin. Whereas today, competitors can compete in more than 306 events in 28 sports.
Pentathlon - Hemish
During the Ancient Olympics the pentathlon had 5 different sports they were wrestling, Javelin, Discus, long jump and running and in the Modern Olympics there is a pentathlon but with different sports the sports are pistol shooting, cross country running, swimming, fencing and show jumping.

Running - Charlotte and Gabby
In the Ancient Olympics when athletes ran they had to run in bare feet, they also wore no clothes. However today track runners wear special shoes with spikes on the bottom to help their grip also track runners were clothes that absorbs all the sweat when they run.

Women - Shreyas
The Ancient Olympics was very different to the Olympics we know now.  Back then only men could compete in the events and watch the Olympics in the stadium and no women were allowed.   If women were found watching the Olympics there would be a penalty of death.  

Overall we believe the Modern olympics is far better than the Ancient Olympics. The exclusion of women was the worst aspect of the Ancient games as women can compete as well as men in any sport like swimming, rugby, tennis and running.

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