Monday, 15 August 2016

Joy Goes Busking

After reading 'Joy Goes Busking' the X-Men evaluated the claim 'children should busk to raise money for what they want'.

In “Joy goes busking” by Jill Friar a girl called Joy goes busking to raise money for music camp. A busker is a person who entertains people in the street for money.  Joy performed her violin outside a supermarket and the local ski hire shop. We are questioning whether children should go busking in order to raise money for the things that they want.

Some people believe that it is good for children to go busking because they can earn their own money and don’t have to rely on their parents, they can gain confidence from performing in front of an audience and learn the value of money. Further reasons why busking may be a good idea is that passersby may get entertained and feel good about giving money to a worthy cause.

On the other hand some people believe that children should not go busking because they could perform in an unsafe place without parental supervision, people may feel pressured/harassed to give money, and people may even steal the money. We also believe busking might be embarrassing for the child performing as  you might see people you know.

Overall in my opinion children should be able to go busking so they can earn their own money and not rely on their parents. By Hemish

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