Monday, 15 August 2016

Pete's Dragon

Independent Task : Write from the perspective of Pete. What does he see, smell, feel, hear? Describe his experience using language features such as similes, metaphors, alliteration and personification.

Pete's Dragon by Charlotte

I clung my hands around Elliott’s furry back getting ready to take of. His spikes on his spine looked like little white mountains. “Groooouuu” roared Elliot from the depths of his throat. Lumbering forward Elliott got his wings ready for take off. We glided softly through the air. On my left I could see the mist covered mountains. Then I looked down to my right the glistening river shone brightly in my eyes. I felt as if I were going to get frostbite from the air, my knees clung tightly into Elliot’s stomach, his leathery wings flapped loudly in the wind, big misty mountains. I knew that Elliott would never dare to hurt me so slowly I loosened my grip on his stomach and confidently turned around to see what we had just passed.

Elliott’s green moss like fur acted like a blanket for my cold legs, he then turned his head around and gave me a reassuring grin as if he were saying everything's all right. The clouds got thicker as if they were trying to swallow Elliott and I up. The mighty mountains stood in silence as we sailed through the valley of mist. The colossal mountains had little patches of trees in different places, Elliott's bushy fur moved in the wind like a tree's leaves on a windy day. I wondered where our next adventure was going to take us.

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  1. Room 21 - Well done Charlotte! You used lots of really good language features and vocabulary. Next step: To check that all sentences make sense.
    We are so impressed - you have given us some great ideas for our writing!