Sunday, 21 August 2016

Street Sellers In India

The Avengers compared market places in India and New Zealand after reading 'Street sellers of India' by Andrew Crowe.

Our market day is coming up soon where we will be selling our own handmade products. We have to organise and design our own market stall ready to sell our products. The market we create will probably look very different to those in India. Both New Zealand and India have many markets selling a range of goods and services. However there are many differences in how products are sold.

Stalls - Samarah and Emily D
Both New Zealand and India have market stalls, however there are a few differences between both countries. In New Zealand markets they have tables and gazebos on which their products are shown. In India it is completely different they don't have tables or gazebos but they have mats that they lay out on the pavements. In our opinion New Zealand markets are much better because they cover the goods from being damaged by the weather.

Services - Michael and Joshua
New Zealand and India both offer services at market places but these countries have different services. In India, people iron clothes using not electricity, but hot charcoal to heat the iron up. When the iron gets cold, they just swap the cold charcoal for hot charcoal. Villagers also shave men’s faces. If your shoes need a clean, there are shoeshine boys who chase people around offering a shoe polish. In New Zealand, the only services we could think were provided were massages

Selling Outside - Ella
Selling products at marketplaces in India and New Zealand is very different, however one similarity is that they both sell the products outside. In India people put mats on the side of the street and lay the products on the floor to sell. In New Zealand people have to have permission to sell in market places or car parks reserved for selling.

Drinks - Ethan
Both New Zealand and India sell drinks in marketplaces. In India they sell sugarcane juice. To make the juice they get a large sugarcane and they put it in a grinder that turns it into juice ready to drink. Here in New  Zealand we don't have to make these drinks we already have Coke, Sprite and lots more available in bottles and cans.

Flowers - Kristy
Both New Zealand and India marketplaces sell flowers, however in New Zealand we sell flowers for occasions like Mother’s day or just to decorate the house. Here in New Zealand we sell flowers in bundles unlike in India they sell flowers by making them into garlands for weddings. New Zealand sells flowers in bouquets which are wrapped then given to the customer.  In India flowers are needed for weddings because as a part of the ceremony you have to throw flowers at the groom and bride as they walk around the fire. You also need garlands of flowers because the groom has to put a garland of flowers around the bride’s neck and the bride has to do the same.

Conclusion - Emily D & Samarah
Overall we think that New Zealand markets are much better as there are tables and gazebos instead of mats with nothing to cover their goods. Also in New Zealand we usually reserve market places or carparks rather than selling them on streets that haven't been reserved. In New Zealand markets we usually sell soft drinks though in India there is a machine where you have to turn a handle to make a sugar cane drink. Lastly in New Zealand we normally have bouquets that we normally buy for mother's day e.t.c. In India it is different they usually make garlands and bouquets out of flowers for weddings. Tell us from the reasons above Who you think is the better country for markets India or New Zealand?

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