Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Classroom Games

For writing we created our own instructions for new classroom games. We would love you to try them out and give us some feedback.


  1. Thanks Room 3. There are a couple of games here that I would like to try out with room 6. We will get back to you with how they went. Instructions look clear and easy to follow.

  2. We played Handwriting Mickey Mouse before we did handwriting in our books. We thought it was an awesome game because we had so much fun. Instead of having the guesser looking at the whiteboard, we changed the rules so that the guesser was looking at a wall in the other direction. Ka rawe, fantastic classroom game Isla and Caleb!

  3. Great Classroom Games Room 3!
    I liked the way the steps had a lot of detail to make sense!
    Tino Pai!

  4. Great games Room 3! These games all sound like heaps of fun.