Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Crime Scene in Room 3

WALT - Describe a setting

 Imagine you and your parents have sat down to watch the news and this story comes on. Describe the events of the morning to them. What did you see, hear, feel? Remember to reveal it was all a maths lesson/prank.

“Room 3’s on the news Sara!” My dad's’ voice sailed into the kitchen, “PHGFhf” went the milk as it projected out of my nostrils and landed onto my trousers when I accidentally inhaled it. I dropped the cup and bowled over my brother as I whizzed into the the living room still hacking, coughing and wheezing from the “incident”. “ Where!? When!? WHY?! HOW?!” I burst out, “ See for yourself” replied my dad. I turned and gasped.

“After a short break we’ll hear about a peculiar crime scene that happened at Halsey Drive School, Lynfield see you at 6:00”, chirped the news reporter. There was an awkward silence then I screamed “Room 3’s on TV.” Just as the news came on again.“Welcome back to Story we’re going to have a closer investigation of the crime scene and a chat about other recent events”. “According to witnesses the victim and the fact that if it was murder or an accident is unknown, but it was very clear it was a teacher judging by the height and how he\she died. The chair was on its side when it had toppled over like the victim fell there are rumours the victim was Mr Bainbridge.”

My dad gasped and turned off the TV and asked “ What’s this about?” “ I thought for a while and said “ In the morning, when I entered the classroom everyone was gossiping and there was a toppled over chair with tape and cones around it. Everyone said Mr Bainbridge or one of the cleaners had an accident. But I was sceptical judging by the fact that there was an Ipad propped up on one of the cabinets and there was no blood. After the bell rang everyone was surprised Mr Bainbridge came back and we found out the whole crime scene was a prank for a project in maths. There was an awkward silence until my mum came in and shrieked “Sara! What happened to your pants?!” “We were discussing a crime scene”. I complained but mum just said “There will be an even bigger crime scene if you don’t clean them up!!” So I reluctantly trudged to my room. I guess you just can’t get away with some things.

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  1. Great story! It really had me hooked! I love your last sentence. The way you structure your sentences is amazing! Good work!