Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Money Matters Personification

We used personification to describe some of the financial terms we learnt about during 'Money Matters'

Bank by Dev  
He is very helpful to people, but one thing about him is that he can only help you for a certain amount of time and charges you for that help. People come maybe once a week or month to get help from him. He has bodyguards to protect him from people who want to steal from him.  He is quite shy and often deals with people online.

Spending by Kristy

Spending is a posh teenage girl, who is obsessed with the latest products and trends. She is very popular and has millions of friends in real life and on social media. Spending never worries about the future or how much money is wasted on her belongings. That is why some people say she is self centred. To her everything is a contest and she wants everything to go her way. She wears pretty pink clothes and wears big bows. Some people may say that she’s a hoarder as she hates getting rid of anything that’s in her walk in wardrobe. Spending accumulates many things such as every single Iphone, Ipod and heaps more.

Budget by Kaelem

Budget is a very boring person who worries too much. She has a British accent ,is quite skinny and isn’t very fashionable. She wears clothing passed down from other people in the family. Budget doesn’t go out to eat at restaurants very often. Budget isn’t very trendy and she even has a flip phone. Budget stays inside almost 24/7 because she thinks going out to parks and beaches is just a complete waste of time and money. She is quite frugal and most of the time just eats rotisserie foods from the supermarket which are under $10. Budget lives in a small bungalow hoarded with boxes from clearance sales.

Insurance by Sara

Insurance is paranoid. She’s afraid of everything, even her own reflection (She’s afraid it might come to life and send her mad). Insurance is kind and enjoys helping the worried. She’s rich but doesn’t touch her money because of certain “safety precautions” and “hazards”. Insurance is modest and lowly. She doesn’t think highly of herself. She wears old clothes and lives in a “safe”, hygienic and sanitary house with no stairs, sharp edges and dangerous things. She gets paid at a high price but is very generous for many obvious reasons relating to “death”. Insurance has sponge covered security cameras in case an axe-wielding maniac tried to break in. She lives everyday in fear of death, pickpockets, dogs and herself. Guess she didn’t hear the old saying “There’s nothing to fear apart from fear itself.”

Tax by Kalani

Tax, is a very evil man whose hobby is to steal money from innocent people on the street. His ‘going out’ outfit is a $1000 suit, ready polished shoes and 2 thick coats of ‘Extra Shine’ gel for the hair. Tax spends his days in his private 2-storey house, just owned by himself. He thinks it’s hilarious when people don’t notice when he strikes to steal their money. Luring random people on the street to pickpocket is one other activity tax finds humorous.

Savings by Samarah

Savings always worries about the future. So savings plans for what’s coming ahead. He is very sensible when it comes to money he would never go outside to eat, shop or do anything fun for his entertainment. He is frugal when it comes to shopping, he eats stale bread with potatoes everyday. Savings never takes a shower, brush his teeth or wears good quality clothes, his clothes are all from an op shop. Savings is a hoarder he has no fashion sense at all he would wear clothes that got handed down to him.

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