Wednesday, 23 November 2016

A World Without Rain!

To conclude our inquiry into "What if there was no rain?" we used a SOLO generalise map to evaluate the claim that "Rain is essential for life on earth". To show our understanding Samarah and Kalani created a movie trailer. Where as the team of Rhea, Gabrielle, Charlotte and Kristy created a broadcast that may 
be heard in a future world without rain. Be warned they are not for the faint of heart! 


  1. Fantastic Job Rhea, Gabrielle, Charlotte, Kristy and Kalani!
    I liked the way you guys sounded scared and added pictures of crops etc.
    Ka Pai!

  2. good job guys what a great way to show what you have learnt maybe next time you could say words like h h h help at the start only great job

  3. Great job! I would hate to be in a world without rain. Now I l know that every country needs rain. Next time you could add better pictures.

  4. Good work on the podcast. Next time maby don't have that little yell at the end