Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Mount Taranaki Vs Mount Eyafjallajokull

After reading 'Living on a Volcano' by Bronwen Wall the X-Men compared two volcanoes Mount Taranaki and the impossible to pronounce Mount Eyafjallajokul.

Volcanoes form an important part of the geosphere. There are many different types of volcano in the world such as lava dome, strato cone, shield, calderas and fields. In our home of Auckland there is an incredible 49 volcanoes. Another famous volcano in New Zealand’s North Island is Mount Taranaki which erupted 250 years ago. A more recent volcanic eruption happened in 2010 in Iceland when Mount Eyjafjallajokull erupted. These two volcanoes share some similarities and differences.

State - Dev and Hemish
Both Mount Taranaki and Mount Eyafjallajokull are considered not to be extinct. New Zealand’s Mount Taranaki is a dormant volcano. Dormant volcanoes appear to be asleep most of the time. Whereas Mount Eyafjalljokull is thought to be active. Active means that the volcano has erupted in the last few years or very recently like a few months or weeks. Active volcanoes are considered very dangerous because it is very hard to predict when they will erupt again.

Tourist - Shreyas
Mount Taranaki and Mount Eyafjallajokull are tourist destinations. Tourists come to Mount Taranaki to see the volcano, ski, climb and see the amazing scenery.  Tourists even watch the dairy farming in Mount Taranaki.  Where as in in Mount Eyafjallajokull they don’t have many options.  They look at the mountain and also learn how to pronounce it’s name.  Tourists do not climb up the mountain because it is still active!

Impacted Land - Charlotte
Both volcanoes have had an impact on the land and surrounding areas when they erupted. When Mount Taranaki erupted it left behind a cloud of black smoke, over time the ash that was created by Mount Taranaki released minerals and nutrients into the soil which helped plants to grow. When Mount Eyafjallajokull erupted, it created a huge dark smoke cloud which caused planes to stop flying and flooded the surrounding area.

Overall we feel fortunate to live in New Zealand with Mount Taranaki compared to living in Iceland with Mount Eyafjallajokull. This is because Mount Taranaki is dormant and has a smaller chance of erupting any time soon. When volcanoes erupt smoke rises, ash clouds form, lava flows and even flooding can happen. These can cause devastation to crops, homes, travel and even cause a loss of life.

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