Sunday, 6 November 2016

Polar Climate Vs Tropical Climate

The X-Men compared a polar climate to a tropical climate using information from 'Weather Works'.

Auckland’s weather can change from day to day or even hour to hour. The weather has short time effects, like the clothes you may put on in the morning or if you take an umbrella with you when you go outside. Climate is the average weather conditions at a place over a period of time. Climate has long term effects on the weather, accommodation, clothing and even the crops we grow. Two different climates that exist on earth are polar and tropical climates.

Weather - Dev and KP
Both tropical and polar climates affect the weather. In a polar climate it is mostly cold (even if the sun is shining). The polar climate also doesn’t change a lot, it stays cold for a very long time  On the other hand tropical climates are mostly hot. Even if it rains in a tropical climate the temperatures stay high.

Houses - Shreyas and Hemish
The houses we choose to build and live in is effected by the climate.  The houses in polar climates need to be snug and warm. These homes often have thick insulation to stop heat escaping and heating such as fires or radiators.  On the other hand in tropical places people need cold air to pass through the house, so they have lots of windows and open doors.

Crops - Kalani
The food we grow and eat can be dramatically affected by the climate. A polar climate produces very few crops because the ground is often covered with ice and snow. Fortunately for them, residents can help this by importing goods from around the world. On the other hand, citizens of the tropical climate don’t have to worry as much as the polar climate, as the crops naturally grow all year round.

Clothing - Gabrielle and Charlotte
Both climates effect the clothes we wear. For example if you lived in a polar climate like Caribou, Alaska you would be wearing things like heavy jackets, boots, snow suits, beanies and snow goggles in order to stay warm. However if you lived in a tropical climate like Darwin, Australia you might be wearing lots of t-shirts, sun hats, shorts and sunscreen because of the high temperature.

Overall we would prefer to live in a tropical climate over living in a polar climate. Living in a tropical climate would probably be more affordable than living a polar climate because you can easily grow your own food, you would spend less on clothing and even electricity to heat your home. You would also get a nice tan!

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