Sunday, 13 November 2016

The Ghostly Shadow

In writing we described a scary setting. Emily and Joshua also used I-Movie as a creative way to publish their setting. Enjoy

The Ghostly Shadow by Emily D

The trees arms started moaning as the strong wind blew past. Branches reached their way through the misty fog like tentacles. The trees curved ahead creating a deep, dark, hallway. The glowing white fog danced between the twisted trees. A shadowy figure began to appear. The phantom unveiled himself from behind a thick blanket of mist.  

The Ghostly Shadow by Joshua L

The gnarled, twisted branches swayed overhead. A ghostly wail sounded, shaking the trees. They reached out with their arms, forming a canopy above. Shadows danced, disappearing and reappearing. Pale white fog slithered between the trees, obscuring vision. The curtain of fog chilled the air. A shadowy figure slowly stepped out from the wall of mist, striding closer and closer along the forbidden path.

1 comment:

  1. Nice Job Emily D and Joshua L!
    I liked the way Emily said "the phantom unveiled himself from behind a thick blanket of mist."
    Ka Pai!