Thursday, 4 February 2016

1800 Vs 2016

The Avengers have been reading about life for children in Aotearoa during the 1800's. They collaborated on a compare and contrast map and summary.

Life for children in Aotearoa has changed alot since the signing of the Treaty of Waitangi in 1840. While there are some similarities between living in the 1800’s and 2016 there are also many differences.

Chores - Kristy/Emily D
Both children in the 1800s and now in 2016 had to do chores.  However in the 1800s their chores were to fetch water, gather food and make clothing.  Nowadays we have easier jobs like doing the dishes, making our beds and taking the rubbish out.  In our opinion we think that it is much easier these days.  For example we don’t have to make our own clothes or travel long distances to get water so we have more time to ourselves to do other things like playing sports, hanging out with friends and doing homework.  

Learn - Ethan/Michael:
It was important for children in the 1800’s to learn how to hunt to get their food, make clothes and recognise plants and animals. However in 2016 we learn how to read, write, spell, and how to do maths. The knowledge we gain in 2016 is to help us in the future.  However in 1800 it was important to learn their skills in order to survive. We are fortunate that in 2016 the skills we learn don’t make the difference between life and death.

Entertained in the Evening - Samarah
Both Children in the 1800’s and 2016 have been entertained in the evening by something or someone. In the 1800’s children’s grandparents used to tell them stories. Now in 2016 children watch TV, play video games and play on their Xboxes. In my opinion entertainment in 2016 is better than how life used to be in the 1800’s because there is more variety and more exciting.  
Learn about family - Ella
In the 1800s the Maori learnt about their whanau from their grandparents telling them stories and from carvings. Where as now in 2016 we look at photos in albums, on facebook or by watching home movies. Photos are a good way of telling you about the past because they can be taken anywhere, any time and they are preserved well. Watching home movies is good too because you can rewatch them over and over again. Having photos and movies is better way to remember as you can store lots and lots of information.

Cooperation - Joshua L
Children living in the 1800s and 2016 both had to learn to cooperate to achieve goals. Although, cooperation in the 1800s was different than nowadays. For example, children that lived in the 1800s had to cooperate when fetching water, or hunting food. In 2016 children cooperate in order to win team games and help each other in school. Cooperation was more important in the 1800s as people needed to gather food and supplies in order to survive.

Overall children in 2016 have a better lifestyle because of technology. Life has become much easier.  On the other hand children from the 1800s had more time with family and learnt more about being responsible.  If we had to choose to live in the 1800s or 2016 we would choose 2016.

We think our comparison is extended abstract several similarities and differences and offered opinions and examples.

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  1. Wonderful work! Great to see you draw some conclusions at the end of your writing.