Monday, 8 February 2016

Citizenship Definition

WALT - Define Citizenship

Citizenship means belonging to a country. As citizens of New Zealand and the world it is our responsibility to be helpful, respectful and caring for other people and the environment. The rules and responsibilities we have as citizens are very similar to the school values of respecting others and being tolerant of diversity.

Being a member of and supporting your community is important because if there was a robbery in your community you could help by calling the police to help investigate. This helps create a safe and sound community for people to live and work. You can also support your country by giving money to charities such as the Salvation Army, Starship Hospital and, The Ronald Mcdonald Playhouse. Giving money to charities is important because it help others and makes you an important part of the community (Rhea, Kalani, Gabrielle, Samarah)

Being treated fairly and equally by others is important because as citizens we can create a peaceful and tolerant world. In these times there is a lot of war because some governments want to own land, steal riches and have power. As citizens we can vote for people who can make the world a better place and make lives better for all citizens (Heila, Sara)

Participating in your community, city and country means that you are an active citizen. For example you could pick up rubbish helping create a cleaner community. Another way you can participate is by voting to choose the people you want to lead the country. Participating in your community, city and country also means you could help fundraise for the community  or participate in shows such as the cultural festival (Ethan, Kaelem, Logan)  

Being a part of a community/country means you take part in community services and jobs that make New Zealand a safe and secure place for ourselves and others to live in. As citizens of New Zealand we can help elders by helping them cross the road, carry shopping etc. We can also participate in school activities such as Wastewise, which helps create a safer, healthier community (Charlotte, Ilsa, Caleb, Dineesh)
Acting responsibly as a citizen means to pick up rubbish from our community, offer help to others when needed, and follow the laws and rules. Following laws and rules is important because it means citizens of New Zealand feel safe. If people didn’t follow laws and rules crime would go up, people would choose not to live here which would affect the economy too. In poor countries people suffer a lot more than in wealthier countries. (Shreyas, Dev, Hemish, Eli)

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  1. A very well written and thorough piece of writing (and great thinking). I really liked how you linked citizenship to our school values.