Thursday, 4 February 2016

Rhea's Moment in Time

The Invader by Rhea

“Click Click.” My friends and I were all locked up with tightened belts for the ride. “It’s my first time on the Invader” I said, then it started to rock. We started to go from side to side and my stomach lurched. I felt like throwing up. I kept eyes closed for half the ride, especially when it started to spin. “Why on earth did I choose to go on this ride?” I thought. Suddenly I opened my eyes “Aaaaaah” I screamed. It felt like I was going to fall off into the trees and plants. I heard people screaming and laughing and I saw people waving their arms up in the air like a flapping bird. Then the ride slowed to a stop. “That was so fun” I lied to my friends before heading to the theatre.

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