Thursday, 4 February 2016

Charlotte's Moment in Time

This week for writing we focussed on writing about a moment in time. The success criteria for our writing was the moment had to have lasted less than five minutes, our writing had to entertain and we had to think about our senses when describing what happened. 

The Terrifying Rollercoaster by Charlotte

“Click,click,click,click” I was at the top of the terrifying rollercoaster slowly peeking down looking at the huge drop ahead! “Okay, Charlotte try not to wet your pants, you got this”, I said to myself,  “Argh this is going soooo fast”, I screeched as I shed one or two tears.  “Oh no” there in front of my eyes was the frightening loops. At that moment I was sure I had wet my pants.  “Argh, Argh” I yelled.  The speeding air ran past my face, the ride slowed down a bit so I decided to put my hands up but that was a bad idea! The rollercoaster went speeding along like a bullet.  The air pushed my hands back. Finally the ride did its final loop the loop “Wow I guess it's time for a new ride” I said shakily.   


  1. Nice work Charlotte! I love how you were prep talking to get the readers laughing. I would actually like to see more stories like this. Well Done!

  2. Good Job Charlotte I like the way you used sounds in the starting and you explained it nicely- Kristy and Samarah

  3. Well done Charlotte, Mum and I love your story!