Thursday, 4 February 2016

Ella's Moment in Time

The Yuck Yak by Ella

“Who wants to volunteer?” nobody answered then I felt a tap on my shoulder “Go on”. Part of me wanted to go but my feet were rooted to the ground like they had been stuck with superglue. I wanted to walk backwards but it was too late, my dad had put my hand up, dumb dad always torturing me. The farmer plopped a goopy, slimy substance like vomit into my hand. I wanted to cry, this day was getting worse. The farmer pushed my hand forward. I closed my eyes and felt disgusting slimy spit. I opened my eyes to see a furry beast mooing loudly with a bed of thick fur. Its horns were like a bikes handlebars and it stood chewing noisily. Who knew that a yak was so yuck. Bluergh !

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