Thursday, 4 February 2016

Sara's Moment in Time

The Race by Sara

“On your marks, get set…. Tweet!” I tried to grab on to the slimy foam mat but I missed, belly flopping onto the water slide “Whomp!” I felt like The Hulk had punched me in the stomach. The next minute I was speeding down like a jet, the water rushed past my ears making a bubbling sound. Then I landed head first into the water. Splash! rushing water shot up my nose. I choked a little and then started to laugh hysterically but it sounded like “Gurgle, Gurgle”. At least I didn’t come last I thought while rubbing the burn on my stomach. While I hopped off the slide my brother was still sliding down like a snail not noticing he was coming last! I had won the the great water slide race even with a disastrous start.

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