Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Maori and Settler Society

The Justice League have been reading about Maori and settler societies during the 1800's they collaborated on a compare and contrast map and summary.

Comparing Settler and Maori Societies

On the 6th of February Aotearoa celebrates Waitangi day. Waitangi day is the day when Maori and settlers signed an agreement, known as the Treaty of Waitangi. During the 1800’s there were two groups of people Maori and settlers. These two societies had many similarities but also many significant differences in how Aotearoa should be.

Education - Heila/Sara
The Settler and Maori society both thought education was very important. Settlers thought only the rich and middle class people should get educated. Settlers didn’t allow working class people to get educated because they were poor and they should work only for the wealthy. However the Maori thought that everyone should get an education because they believed everyone should have the same opportunities. We believe that the Maori had a better idea about education because everyone got a chance to learn meaning a more equal society.

Reading - Kaelem
The settler and the Maori society both valued reading very much but they held different opinions about what should be read. The Maori society thought that reading was a new and fascinating pastime and everyone should read lots of different things. Instead the Settlers thought differently and wanted people to be able to read just one book which was The Bible. I believe that reading lots of different books is a better idea so you can learn more and have more opinions and ideas.

Health - Dineesh/Caleb
Both societies treated illness but used different methods. The Maori used leaves and herbs to heal and cure their disease. They used the land because they were surrounded by forest and they respected nature.  The settlers used castor oil and common sense to heal most things. They used common sense because of their limited supplies and knowledge. We believe that the Maori method of treatment was safer for the patients.

Land - Rhea
The Maori society and the settler society both valued their land. The Maori said that they belonged to where their ancestors lived and they had to respect and care for the land.  For settlers in lower classes owning a piece of land would be like a dream come true. We believe that it is better to respect the land rather than owning the land.  

Rules - Joshua
Long ago the Maori had many rules. One was that if an outsider killed one of your family it was your responsibility to take revenge. You also had to care for nature. The settlers brought more rules to Aotearoa. One rule the settlers brought with them was locking away anyone they thought was insane. While we agree rules are important locking away people who suffer from mental health issues should not be locked away and this was a cruel act.

Overall we believe that the Maori society was fairer and more respectful to Aotearoa than the settler society. Aotearoa in 1800 was very different to how it is now however there are still some of the same issues today, such as education being free and for everyone and how to respect the land.

We believe our comparison is extended abstract as we have several similarities and differences and made links from the past to now

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